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Hobbs Island Swim







Swim Hobbs Island
Sep 20, 2014

2 Mile & 5 Mile Open Water Swim Challenge


This Event Benefits Two Worthy Causes in the Huntsville Area:

Help Our Homeless Veterans & Citizens of Huntsville


Huntsville-Madison County Rescue Squad


Race Location

Buttler Basin Subdivision, On the Tennessee River, Just South of Huntsville, AL.   Address is approximately 1490 Hobbs Island Road.



Registration is open for the 2014 Swim Hobbs Island.   Register here!

Schedule of Events

5 Mile Swimmers MUST Register by August 20th.  This is done to ensure that adequate kayaker support.

Friday, Sep 19:

Packet Pickup / Last Minute Registration (For 2 Mile Swimmers only)

Time and Location:  Packet Pickup Will Be Held at Ditto Landing.  Near the Playground.    From 5 pm to 7 pm.  

Swimmers and Kayakers can pick up race t-shirts and swag bags.


Race Day: Saturday, Sep 20, 2014

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM:  Race Day Packet Pickup.  Race Day signup for 2 mile swim ONLY.

7:45 AM: Mandatory Swimmer & Pilot Safety Meeting: 2 & 5 Mile Swim

8:00 AM:  Kayakers for 5 Mile Swim begin entering the water.

8:15 AM:  5 Mile Swim Lineup and Final Check-In

8:25 AM:  5 Mile swimmers enter the water.

8:30 AM:  5 Mile Race Begins

8:40 AM:  2 Mile Swim Lineup and Final Check-In

8:50 AM:  2 Mile Swimmers enter the water. 

8:55 AM:  2 Mile Race Begins

10 AM – 2:30 PM:  Swimmers, kayakers, spectators, volunteers can enjoy complimentary food/drink

10:30 AM:  2 Mile Swim Awards

12 PM:  5 Mile Swim Awards

NOTE:  5 Mile Swimmers MUST Complete the Swim in Under 6 hours.  Race Director reserves the right to pull you after that time.

Course Description

5 Mile Swim: Around Hobbs Island

This swim is a clockwise loop beginning at the Butler Basin Subdivision.


5 Mile Swim Rules:

We will follow the English Channel swimming rules. This means no swim suits below the knees or shoulders. No suits that provide any buoyancy. No wetsuits. No swim aids. No hanging onto your pilot's boat. No touching other people other than incidental contact.


Carry extra nutrition with your kayaker in case this swim takes longer than you planned. Please plan on completing this swim in at least 6 hours. It might be necessary to pull you from the water should you exceed this.



All swimmers require a kayak to accompany them. If you do not have a kayaker, you will not be allowed to swim. This rule is for your safety as the river will be open to boat traffic. Boats will be unable to see you if you are swimming alone. The kayaker will need to register on the IMATHLETE website and specify who they are kayaking for. Your kayaker will receive a race t-shirt and race bag as they are a vital part of this race. All of this is included in the race fee that the swimmer pays.


We have a very limited number of (10) kayaks donated by Hampton Cove Kayak Adventures that will be allotted on a first-come first-serve basis.



2 Mile Swim Event


This is a two mile out and back that will stay entirely in the back channel behind Hobbs Island. The swim will begin approximately 30 minutes after the 5 miles swim begins. Because the first mile is against the river current, this swim will take longer than a typical two mile swim in the pool. Probably closer to 2.5 miles.


2 Mile Swim Rules:

We will allow wetsuits (in separate division) If water temperatures are below 84 deg F per USAT guidelines. If water temperatures are too high, all wetsuit swimmers will be allowed to swim english channel rules. Wetsuit swimmers will need to register as such on imathlete. We will allow wetsuit swimmers/non-wetsuit swimmers to reclassify themselves on the morning of the event should they choose (at no additional cost).



Kayaks are not required on a per-person basis for the2mile swi, but neither are they prohibited. The swim will have about a dozen roving kayakers, SUP, etc that will provide roving support to swimmers. However, in all cases and to ensure we account for ALL participants, kayaker will need to register on this website (for free).



Event Strategy

Current: Current can vary wildly due to TVA flow rates from the Guntersville Dam. The race director (a sub one hour ironman swimmer), has swum the 5 mile swim twice: once at 20k CFM flow rate, finishing in 2 1/2 hours. The second time was a 47k flow rate and after swimming for 3 1/2 hours aborted the swim about 1/4 mile from the finish line because he ran out of food. All efforts will be made to limit the flow rate, but we only have minimal input into this decision. Be prepared to swim longer than a typical 2 or 5 mile swim in the pool. Race director reserves the right to pull you from the water after 6 hours.


Temperature:Water temperatures should be between 75 to 80 degrees F. No wetsuits (for 2 mile swim) will be allowed if water temperatures exceed 84 degrees F.


Swimmers: Please stay to the right of whatever body of water you are swimming in. For the 5 mile swim, this means stay to the right (as close to the island) as possible. For the 2 Mile Swimmers this means stay to right of the river as possible (as close to island on upstream section, and as far from the island after the turnaround).


Miscellaneous Info

Awards will be as follows:


5 Mile Swim

Top 3 Male Swimmers

Top 3 Female Swimmers


2 Mile Swim

Top 3 Male Non-Wetsuit Swimmers

Top 3 Female Non-Wetsuit Swimmers

Top 3 Male Wetsuit Swimmers

Top 3 Female Wetsuit Swimmers




Partial refunds of 80% to all swimmers will be issued until 30 days prior to the event. Refunds will be issued by imathlete in the form of a credit that can be used by any TRTC event for a full calendar year.

After that 30 days, no refunds will be made.


We will allow 5 mile swimmers to change to the 2 mile event (and receive a refund for the cost difference) up to race day.





Q: Do I need a kayaker if I am swimming the 5 mile event?

A: Yes absolutely no questions asked.


Q: Do I need a kayaker if I am swimming the 2 mile event?

A: That is entirely up to you.